Ukrainian Physical Society

Ukrainian Physical Society (UPS) is a non-profit public scientific organization of educators, industrial and research workers and students of physics and related fields in Ukraine. The aim of the Society is to satisfy and defend physicists' creative interests, contribute to creation of conditions for their efficient work, development of physical education and science as well as bringing scientific, technological and methodological advances into practice. The Society promotes physical research, development of new technologies and dissemination of physical knowledge.

The UPS was founded in January 1990, consists of 40 regional and local groups presented by some 230 individual members. Collective members of the UPS are leading universities and research institutes located all over Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Odessa, Dnipro, etc.).

The UPS is a member society of the European Physical Society (EPS)

The European Physical Society on a regular basis issues and disseminates among its member societies the Europhysics News magazine. Its electronic version is available online for free at

The European Physical Society on a regular basis issues the Europhysics Letters (EPL), a letters journal exploring the frontiers of physics. EPL publishes original, high-quality Letters in all areas of physics, ranging from condensed matter topics and interdisciplinary research to astrophysics, geophysics, plasma and fusion sciences, including those with application potential (more information at


UPS Headquarters location:

Prospekt Glushkova 4, room 201, Kyiv 03680, Ukraine


Phone: +38 044 526 40 36



UPS President

Prof. Igor O. Anisimov

Chairman of the Bureau of the Coordination Board 
Prof. Igor M. Dmitruk

Executive Secretary of the Bureau

Dr. Vladyslav M. Kravchenko


UPS bank accounts:

Bank name: Public Joint Stock Company Commercial Bank "PrivatBank"
Bank address: 46 A, Khreschatyk street, Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine
Account numbers: 26009052732322 (UAH)
26009052726026 (USD)
26001052733783 (EUR)

Recipient name and address:
Ukrainian Physical Society, Kyiv, Ukraine
Registration code: 14352346

Purpose of remittance :
Charity fee to support activities of Ukrainian Physical Society, VAT free